Straw Cold

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Social Medias

Where I do most of my updates about streams and videos, ramble about life, and post my art! I am most active on the bird app. My insta is dead for now so I wouldn't mind if you don't follow that one XD. My Tellonym is brand new and I'm kinda hurting for questions to answer rn
(Twitter, Instagram, Tellonym)

YouTube Channels

Subscribe! I post videos here sometimes! XD
No pls I need the clout the numbers on my channels are too small.
I might try streaming here in the future and posting more and better videos!
1: Main Channel2: Clips Channel3: VODs Channel4: Genshin Gaming Channel

Streaming Platforms

Where I stream! Expect Genshin, Art, Minecraft, and Mobile Legends! But I'm open to trying others out in the future!
Facebook will likely be for daily (potentially no mic) Mobile Legends streams.

Tipping and Commissions and Stuff!

For tips/donations, artworks, and commissions! Maybe membership or subscriptions in the future?
Commissions are up and ready on my VGen! Come check them out!
(1: VGen for Art Commissions
2: Kofi for Donations and Merch (in the future
3: Throne: To view my wishlist))

DIscord Server

Come join me in my little server! Where things are a lot more personal and interactive!

Info about my original story in progress:
Dead People See Us